Bamboo Wooden Dice cup with dice

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This Beautiful dice cups is avalible with either Wooden or Plastic dice. 

dice games go back before 3000 BC, this game would have been played a Bars,Taverns, and many other events. 

it was not uncommon for a players to put down a base bet at the beginning of the round. 

below are the rules or one of our favorite dice games: 


Before playing both players should choose a score to try and reach, Typically From 3000 points up. 

play starts by each player rolling to see who goes first 

the players then take turns rolling a set of six dice with the score as follows:

  • a single 1 is worth 100 points;
  • a single 5 is worth 50 points;
  • three of a kind is worth 100 points multiplied by the given number, e.g. three 2s are worth 600 points;
  • three 1's are worth 1,000 points;
  • four or more of a kind is worth double the points of three of a kind, so four 2s are worth 200 points, five 4s are worth 800 points etc.
  • full straight 1-6 is worth 1500 points.
  • partial straight 1-5 is worth 500 points.
  • partial straight 2-6 is worth 750 points.

A Turn is broken down into a series of sets, Each set a play must result in a score 

As an example player one rolls  1,5,3,3,2. That player may then choose Either the 1 (100 points) or the 5 (50 points) and continue to roll the remaining dice in hopes for a better score.  

for this example lets say the player kept 1 die off to the side. if the player then rolls a roll such as: 3,3,3, 1,1, This would result in the player's dice all being used to score for a total of 1200 for this set (900 {Three of a kind} + 100 {for each one}) 

when all dice are used in a players turn they are known as "Hot dice" which a player may keep their current score (1200 as above) and continue to roll on that dice set. 

If a dice roll results in no scorable dice

Lets say the above player has Hot Dice with a current score of 1200 and rolls 3,4,2,6,3,4, this would be a non scorable set and the player would loose all 1200 points from this set. 

it would then be the next players turn.